Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maine Coast Encaustic Workshop Retreat

The last week of August and the third week of September I had the privilege of working with 40 students who traveled to Kennebunkport from as far away as Key West and California to spend a week making art, learning, relaxing, socializing, practicing yoga, being inspired and nourished both creatively and gastronomically.  Here's some candid shots of them, along with what they had to say about their experience.
Some of us started our day with yoga.

Being in the encaustic workshop retreat was a glorious gift to myself. My painting had taken a back burner over the last decade and here Kim created a nurturing, warm and educational experience that provided the space and place to explore, experiment and find my inner self. Starting everyday with yoga set the tone for inner exploration-freeing my energy and taping my creative juices. The setting was comfortable, the food delicious, the students welcoming and supportive. Even the weather cooperated. It was hard to leave the cocoon that was thoughtfully designed for our comfort mind, body and spirit. I am now dreaming in encaustic which is truly joyful. I have signed up for next year. It is my commitment to balance in my life.     
-Lynn Macarin-Mara

Breakfast at The Colony charged us up for the day.  

Kim Bernard's combination of creativity and organization allow her to provide professional instruction in a fun and relaxed environment. Staying at the Colony Hotel was a real treat. I felt that every need was taken care of and I had more time and energy to focus on exploring new tools, colors, and materials.  
-Amy Hannum

Britt shows off his Color Crash Course exercises.  

This was the best organized and presented workshop I have ever attended.  The quality of this package was exceptional, thank you Kim.  -Carol Michaud

Cindy and Pamala do some Body Casting.  

Fantastic opportunity to really get away and focus on learning new skills without interruption. Beautiful space and accommodations, not mention Kim is a wonderful instructor who can tailor each class to fit everyone's needs. I come away from it feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back into my studio.  
-Cindy Jevon Hogan

The August group shows what's possible with some plaster gauze. 

This is my second year of Kim Bernard's Encaustic Retreat. Not only was it every bit as informative as the first year, but I also have made many wonderful friends. I have also created a new series of work regarding the sea that landed me gallery representation at the Whitney Gallery in Wells, ME.  
-Pamala Crabb-Burnham 

Marcy dipping her wax resist in the dye bath. 

I benefited so much from the first Maine Coast Encaustic Workshop Retreat, that I returned for a second year. Kim Bernard is one of the most organized, thoughtful instructors I have ever encountered. She is willing to share her vast knowledge of techniques and her years of professional experience as a successful exhibiting artist. Her steadfastly serene demeanor is a lesson in and of itself. The locale of Kennebunkport, Maine is absolutely beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (twice!) and would highly recommend the MCEWR to anyone!  -Helen Dannelly  

The September crew stand among their wax resist pieces hung out to dry.

No wonder she calls it a Workshop Retreat, it is a vacation in artist's heaven. Beautiful surroundings, great accommodations, two meals a day, a studio set-up with a teacher chocked full of information on technique and process. What more does an artist need? And, yes you can bring husband, partner or dog. When accessing the important tips learned I keep coming back to "heat the surface and burnish the crap out of it."  -Dona Mara Friedman   

Sarah, Robbie and Martha enjoy some good wind and a sail.  

We wrapped up the week with a Pendulum Party and then...

a Lobster Feast!

The August Gang

The September Crew, along with Molly the corgi  

To see the 7 minute slide show of the August Retreat click HERE 

To see the September Retreat slide show click HERE

For information about the 2014 Maine Coast Encaustic Workshop Retreat click HERE

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