Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Update

This last month has been quite a whirlwind, so I'll stick to the highlights.

Momentum X...

Momentum X is the celebration/exhibition of the 10th anniversary of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Artist Advancement Grant.  Please join me and the three finalist; Lauren Gillette, Lisa Grey and Rose Umerlik for the opening reception this Saturday, April 21, from 5-7pm at the George Marshall Store Gallery140 Lindsay Road, York, Maine.  

Stuff Moves...

The first half of March was consumed with my Stuff Moves exhibit at Boston Sculptors Gallery.  I was delighted to receive a review by Cate McQuaid in the Boston Globe and Edgar Beem in the Yankee Blog, along with the many exciting connections with curators, physicists, students, art and science enthusiasts.  I'm still following up on all the possibilities.  More on that as they pan out...  

Art students from Southern Maine Community College 
get a worms eye view of Quantum Revival

Kids definitely enjoy the work and it seemed to bring out the "inner kid" in big people too.  

Artist's Talks...

One of my goals for the year was to make time available to offer artist's talks, which I offered two of this past month.  Once, as a guest artist at SMCC's Artist's Talk Series and the other as a guest artist in Alicia Eggert's Kinetic Sculpture class at Bowdoin College.  Students always pose the most provocative questions and make me put my grey matter to work.    

Just for fun...

On the social side of things, I hosted a dinner party for the sculptor members of Boston Sculptors, converting the gallery Stuff Moves occupied into a candle lit dining room.  As an artist cooperative, our meetings are often focused on the business of running the gallery, so this was an opportunity to talk just about art and inspiration for an evening.

The following week I hosted a former AAG recipients pot luck dinner at my house.  Six of the ten recipients were able to attend, with spouses, for the first of what I hope will become an annual event.  

More Exhibits...

The day after Stuff Moves came down, four of the kinetic works went to St. Petersburg, Florida (not Russia) for an exhibit, WAX:  Medium Meets the Message, at the Morean Arts Center, on view till May 28th.  Here's a review in Creative Loafing and Art Taco.  Personally, I prefer to lounging with a burrito.  

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebration Boston Sculptors has an exhibit at UMass Lowell through April 26th.  Here's a review in the UMass Howl and here's the gang...

NYC Trip...

I did squeeze my 3rd NYC visit into the month of March.  Among the exhibits I highly recommend were The Ungovernables at the New Museum, Swept Away at the Museum of Art and Design, Cindy Sherman at MOMA and the Henry Taylor exhibit at PS1.  I did see the Biennial at the Whitney but it was a disappointment.  

Bonus Trip to Greece...

My husband, Christos Calivas, celebrated a big birthday recently and as a gift, our offspring and I gave him a trip to Greece.  When my mom offered a ticket as an early birthday gift for me, I couldn't say no.  We stayed with Christos' Greek family in the small village of Poulithra on the  Peloponnesevisited sites in Athens and toured the sea and country side.  I had the chance to put into practice the little bit of Greek I've learned, just enough to encourage people to speak rapid fire Greek back to me.  όχι

Poulithra, Greece overlooking the Agean Sea

In Athens we visited the New Acropolis Museum where we saw the Caryatids, Korai/Kourous and what remains of the Parthenon.  

Korai and Kouros at the New Acropolis Museum in Athens

With my curiosity about all-things-that-move, I found it particularly interesting that the Greeks saw evidence of movement as a sign of artistic development:  the Korai and Kouros figures taking a step (above), the birds in motion painted with freedom, fluidity and movement (below)

Mural Painting from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens

What's Next?

Chicago!  Next week I fly to Chicago to teach for the weekend.  In exchange for my April NYC trip, I'll arrive in the windy city a few days early to take in the museums and galleries.  

After that...  I'm be looking forward to settling into some studio work, getting started on my physics course and letting some of the things that have recently inspired me percolate into new work.  Time to settle down and buckle down.