Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What can you get for 5 bucks?!

A chance to win this!

"Chakra Grid", encaustic, lead framed, 36"x36"

Some of you may know that I practice Ashtanga yoga.  And I'm quite fond of the studio I go to so, I created this piece to be raffled off on November 3rd.  100% of the ticket sales will go to the Green Lotus Teacher Training Scholarship Fund.  One ticket for 5 bucks, 5 tickets for 20 bucks.  What can you get for 5 bucks?  An order of mozzarella sticks at the local diner?!
Seriously...  The Chakra are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy.  Ashtanga yoga is a particular style of yoga where breath synchronized movement is key to the practice.  In keeping with this idea, I painted each circle with one exhale as I turned each square in my hand, then put the 49 squares with circles together in the way you see them.  49 chakra circles, 49 breaths with no room for re-doing.  

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