Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Intentions...

As this years recipient of the Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant my intention with this blog is to share monthly "going's on" in the studio and beyond.  Having applied for this grant 6 times and been a finalist on 3 occasions, I decided with this application not to propose to renovate more studio space in my barn as I had in the past.  Instead, I asked myself "What do I really need to advance?" and "What is really going to push my work to the next level?"  The answer was not space but time, time to research, reflect, experiment and delve deep into subject matter that continues to provoke my curiosity.  I am both excited about and intimidated by the year ahead, knowing my proposal will push my work into challenging terrain.
My monthly progress notes are for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundationwhose generosity has endowed my grant year, my students, fellow artists, future applicants, museum curators, gallery directors, art patrons, art lovers, the creative and just plain curious.

Here the Plan...

Reduce My Teaching - In order to free up more studio time.

Take A Physic Course – I didn't pay attention in 10th grade physics, because I didn't think I would even need to know physics.  How wrong I was!  I will enroll in a college physics course this year, so I could understand the theory behind what I’m creating.

Interactive Kinetic SculptureI have an idea for series of coin operated kinetic sculptures.  I will buy the equipment to experiment with and seek mechanical advice in order to get these projects going.

HarmonographI will take the time to build and experiment with the mechanical apparatus that employs pendulums to create geometric images with the intention of creating an interactive kinetic sculpture. 

CymaticsI will explore the use of sound waves (made visible) and research wave phenomena with the intention of creating an interactive sculpture that the viewer can alter with sound.

Time Lapse VideoI recently received a small grant from the Maine Arts Commission to purchase a camera with an intervalometer for time lapse video, but I have barely had time to use it.  With more time available, I will experiment with compressing real-time, allowing me to study patterns of motion.

Body Sensor Networks (BSN's)I have been in touch with a professor in the Media Lab at MIT, who specializes in BSN’s, who I’d like to work with in the use of BSN’s to collect data from my own movement, which I will then use to generate and inform new work.

NYCDuring each month of the grant year I will go to NYC for 2-3 days where I will visit museums and galleries.

Maximize Exposure & Give Back As the AAG recipient I will offer exhibits, artist talks, interviews, open studios and presentations that will share the work that I am doing with the public.

Enjoy, follow, respond and check back at the end of each month for updates.  


Link to Jeanne McCartin's article Gifts of Time in the Portsmouth Press Herald 11/20/11. 


  1. Hi Kim
    welcome to the blogosphere. I design science textbooks, including Physical Science. Would you like me to send you one?

    1. Thanks Lynette! I'm new here is this arena. Are you serious about the textbook?! I do feel like I have to start from scratch. It's humbling being a beginner at both blogging and physics.

  2. Wow! Kim it all sounds so interesting!! I was like you though, hated my physics class in high school, or was the teacher that I didn't like... Anyhow, I can't even remember what the class was about, and I was a science major in my high school!! Well, Kim, I wish you all the best during this year filled of learning, experimenting and surprises!! If you need company during your gallery/museum visits in NYC, let me know!!! :D

    Best wishes,

  3. I think in my 10th grade physics class if they would have let us make kinetic sculpture I would actually have learned something. Guess it's never too late! May take you up on the NYC company too :)

    1. I agree with you! LOL! It's never too late, definitely!!

      Looking forward to meet with you in the city!

  4. Sounds like a great plan...I look forward to your posts!!!

  5. This oughta keep you busy! Good luck and good learning. Sounds like the grant will be a good investment for you.

  6. Thanks for having a look-see Nancy! Any advice from a blog pro would be a warm welcome.